The average American Gains 7-10 Pounds During The Holidays
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Why you need the Holiday Survival Guide...

The average American gains between 7-10 lbs of fat between November 1 and January 1. This is one of the most stressful and unhealthy times we face each year. While most people are gaining weight they will never lose, you can be thriving when 2017 rolls around. 

The reason most people gain this weight is either they don’t believe they are capable of being healthy during the holidays OR they think it is simply too hard for them to be healthy during this time of year with so many temptations (and the threat of bland “diet” food).
In the HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE, Shawn shares exactly how he and his clients maintain or lose weight during the holidays so that we hit 2017 healthier and happier than ever! Learn the secrets to burning fat, eating right, and truly enjoying the holiday season.

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